Integrated Alerts for Boyajian’s Star

Integrated Alerts | Boyajian’s Star
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Sign up here (text message works too, but follow the syntax below and expect ugly html in your text message)

This is in Beta, however I urge you to sign up so if something is happening, you will get notification of any dip that we are aware of via e-mail or Text Message. If you are using Text messages, please follow this syntax.

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Worth mentioning that currently it sends in HTML, so it’s possible a text message may “look weird” but it should still deliver. We are working on it to send only text.

The alerts you receive (other than the initial thank you for signing up) is if a dip is occurring for the star KIC 8462852 also known as Boyajian’s Star in honor of Dr. Tabetha Boyajian.

We collect and alert on AAVSO data directly. Dr. Boyajian’s team will inform us if any space based or professional telescopes she works with detect a dip.

The end result is if anyone detects a dip and reports it, we’ll send out an alert.

If the source detection of the dip is a space asset , or strong professional telescope you might get an alert for smaller magnitude change than if the detection was reported by AAVSO.

This is not an automated process. If we are missing a current dip, please let us know ASAP via twitter by clicking this link That is not the official alert twitter. That’s Roger Wehbe’s personal one. Alerts will not be going out over that account. They will be going out over this one @starlifting

What is KIC 8462852 ?

It’s a ‘normal F type’ star in Cygnus, however this star is anything but normal. Something is blocking it’s light or changing it’s light output. It’s not a sphere, offers no infrared excess and has confused everyone since 2009, especially since 2015 when it was made public.

This is the original paper and here are other followup papers.

There is an active room on Reddit any serious dip most likely will also appear on AAVSO.

We’re working on refining this to be more elegant and timely, again this is still in BETA.