This is not an automated process. If I am missing a current dip, please let me know ASAP via twitter by clicking this link.

Why I built this?

Roger Wehbe a moderator for the official KickStarter Reddit Room for Tabby’s Star. I wanted to get involved and help, as a non-scientist my options were limited to help. I contributed to the KickStarter, but it was a rough journey. For a short period of time it looked like the project wouldn’t be successful.

So this is where I figured I could help. If I tied in AAVSO data with a notification system my thoughts were that even if the kickstarter failed maybe we might still be able to get the word out for the bigger dips that AAVSO may detect.

In short, if the Kickstarter failed, this was my plan B to try to help. Since the process here is simple and the Kickstarter was successful, I felt that keeping this open as a secondary fail-over, catch or even instant verification from Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network.

What eventually happened was Dr Boyajian agreed in early February to notify us if any of the professional telescopes, including Space Based Telescopes she works with catches a dip allowing dysonsphere.space to be the central alert system for everyone.

My Company, Yooter InterActive Marketing has and will keep the site maintained and have donated some Office Space downtown Pottsville PA

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