What is the established process for alerts?

We have a very good record with false alarms. But we are human. Nothing in this process is automated. Alerts from AAVSO gets posted on Reddit for a quick review. Then the alert goes out based on the quick consensus of amateurs (timelimit : 10 minutes, if no answer or consensus then it’s up to the Alert Astronomer). If the Alert comes from Dr. Boyajian’s team it’s assumed vetted and can go out immediately.

Why did I not get the alert?

There could be a huge number of reasons, did you sign up? Did you check your spam filter? When you signed up did you put in the proper phone or email?

This alert came in like HTML ?

If you use it via text message, it is going to come in like that. You should be fairly confident in when you get html sent to your phone like that it likely is from here.

Does this alert system really have it’s own office?
Yes, Yooter InterActive donated a small portion of their space to it.

I want to be an alert astronomer

I would suggest you start at AAVSO and understand what you are actually alerting. You’ll need understanding on what a light curve is, history on the star. You should subscribe to the subreddit and be active there so you know who to ask for what if what appears to be a dip shows up.

I want to donate.

Yooter InterActive marketing is sponsoring this, any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Any donations that come in will be used to better the process here. Maybe one day figure a way to automate most of it, without triggering false alarms but with accuracy… but right now I’d settle with non-html text messages.