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Money raised here will be used to better the alert system and overall quality and efficiency of astronomical alerts.

NOTE : You don’t have to advertise, you can just support us by clicking here (Yooter is providing the resources for us). This isn’t tax deductible, this is just helping us create additional ways to refine and improve the alert system to cut down on false alarms and get better refinement on valid reported detections.

The target market for this is perfect for Astronomy and SETI interested individuals.

Our subscriber base is mostly Amateur and Professional Astronomers with a healthly level of science journalism subscribers as well.

  • Many of our subscribers buy telescopes
  • Large numbers of our subscribers have higher graduate education levels.
  • Nearly All of our subscribers are interested in Astronomy, Space, SETI and a large extent Science Fiction.
  • The Majority of subscribers favor Star Trek over Star Wars.

If you want to sponsor a list we have the following programs:

1 – Link on the site
2 – Sponsorship of the next dip alert

A dip alert goes to these individuals mostly on their phone. The message will have your company name features as the sponsor. These are rare events that happen only once every few years.

We envision it being sent with something along the line of

“Dip Alert – Source Swift Space Telescope – Alert Sponsor XXX”

That’s it, after that people start turning their telescopes, their blogs and forwarding that email or text all over the planet.   All with your name on it.

Money raised will apply to refining and improving the alert system.

Contact Roger Wehbe for details :

You can sign up for an alert here